Our Core Product Focus

Stemming from the roots of Unity Food Products are our much-loved brands. At the top of the list is the well-known Helios 100% sunflower oil, a staple in many South African kitchen.

Our Values

To enrich the lives of others through hard work and faith in God. 
To always understand our consumers and their needs.
To always be fair, honest and committed to our consumers.
To promote leadership amongst staff at all levels.
To follow sustainable practices.
To promote a well-balanced lifestyle for a healthy, and happy heart.


Our Vision

To grow a community built around our ethos and make Unity Food Products the largest edible oil and margarine manufacturers within the FMCG sector in the Republic of South Africa.

Our Philosophy

Being part of a community and taking care of your heart, soul and mind is the key to living better.

Our Social Responsibility

Unity Food Products (Pty) Ltd and Helios are committed to uplifting the lives of South Africans by supporting various charitable organisations.

Ever since our inception, charity has been a major part of the Essack family philosophy and outlook on life. Not only do we see it as a religious obligation, but also a way of giving back to the disadvantaged.

Unity Food Products (Pty) Ltd and Helios are also involved in training young, disadvantaged people thereby providing them with the opportunity to gain experience in various areas of our manufacturing process.


Our Employees

A brand is nothing without its employees. They are our greatest assets. Our team are all customer-focused and work with pride and passion. Our staff receive regular training to increase their skills and capabilities. We promote a balanced lifestyle between work and play.

Our Customers

We are privileged to have created products which have gained trust in South Africa. Our consumers are friends whom we respect and strive to continue promoting a better way of living.

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